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MSME Registration in Andhra Pradesh

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There is no government fee for MSME Udyam Registration Certificate, this professional fee is charged by the professional for providing support for obtaining it.


Proprietor /Company/LLP Documents

  • PAN Card of the Company
  • Certificate of Incorporation
  • Business Objective/MOA of the Company
  • Number of employees in the Company
  • Investment in Plant and Machinery as on date

Proprietor/Director/Partner Documents

  • PAN Card of all the Directors
  • Aadhar Card of the Directors
  • Mobile and Email of all the Directors

Proof of Property

  • Latest utility bill I.e. electricity
  • Canceled cheque or bank statement in the name of proprietor /company/LLP.

For validation of application Aadhar card, OTP is required to submit MSME application


MSME Registration Certificate

Process of MSME Udyam Registration IN ANDHRA PRADESH

  1. Collection of documents
  2. Online filing of Udyam Registration application
  3. Aadhar card link OTP verification to submit Udyam Registration application
  4. Approval From MSME department within 2 working days


2 working days post submission of the documents

Customer Review

Customers Review About MSME Registration

What is MSME Registration?

MSME stands for Micro Small Medium enterprises. This was introduced by the government of India in the Micro Small Medium enterprises development act 2006. As the name speaks, it was established to support the activities of small and medium enterprises such as production activity, trade activities, the process of manufacturing, etc.

MSME Udyam Registration Certificate


Benefits of MSME Registration to Small Business?

MSME registration offers several benefits to registered small and medium enterprises, including:

1. Stamp duty and registration charges waiver, reducing the acquisition cost

2. Exemption of 1% rate of interest on Overdraft

3. Subsidy of 50% on patent fees and trademark

4. Exemption under direct tax laws

5. Concession on electricity bills

6.Claim expenses for obtaining ISO certification

7. Easy access to government tenders and avail exemption

8. Easy to obtain licenses, registrations, and approvals

9. Interest rate Subsidy on Bank loans

10. Exemption under direct tax laws

MSME Registration Process on Udyam Registration

The MSME Udyam Registration Certificate process is completely online. Here are the steps to follow:

1. Go to the government's official portal udyamregistration.gov.in

2. Select the “For New Entrepreneurs who are not registered yet as MSME or those with EM-II” option.

3. On the next page, fill in all the necessary details (personal and business-related)

4. After filling in the details, select on “Agree to Terms and Conditions” check box and click on “Submit and Get final OTP

5. Once all your information is verified by the Government, you will receive an e-registration Certificate on your registered mail id or you can download it from the Portal.,/p>

Documents Required for MSME Registration Certificate in India

To complete the MSME Udyam Registration process in India, you will need to provide the following documents:

1. Pan card

2. Aadhar cards

3. Certificate of Incorporation

4. Business Objective/MOA of the Company

5. Number of employees in the Company

6. Investment in Plant and Machinery as of date

7. Utility Bill

8. Canceled cheque or bank statement in the name of proprietor /company/LLP.

MSME Registration fees

There is no government fee for Udyam Registration or MSME registration.

FAQs of MSME Registration in Andhra Pradesh

There is a government registration for MSMEs, which provides them with a Unique Identification Number and accreditation to certify them as Micro/Small/Medium Enterprises.

 On 1 July 2020, the Government of India introduced a new MSME registration scheme, generally known as the Udyam Registration, and from now on the MSME will be referred to as udyam. It is a substitute version of the registration for Udyog Aadhaar or MSME.

No. The enterprises that come under the MSME category need not mandatorily apply for MSME registration.

The existing enterprises registered prior to 30th June 2020, shall continue to be valid till the 31st day of March 2021. An enterprise registered with any other organization under the Ministry of Micro, Small, and Medium Enterprises shall register itself under Udyam Registration.16-Jul-2021

  •     Micro: Less than 1 crore
  •     Medium: Less than 50 crores
  •     Small: Less than 10 crores
  •     Classification: Investment in plant and machin

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