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Trademark Renewal in Lakshadweep

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Expected To Be Complete* : 24 Jul 2024


  • Business or Individual KYC for trademark renewal

  • Signed power of attorney

  • Signed affidavit

  • TM Certificate


  • Application of trademark renewal


Step-1 Collection of documents and details regarding trademark renewal

Step-2 Drafting of renewal application by the expert

Step-3 Online filing of trademark renewal application


  • One week of  post submission of documents

Trademark Renewal in Lakshadweep : The Process, Benefits, and Importance

A trademark is a graphical representation, such as a symbol or logo, that represents an organization and its brand. Registering a trademark is crucial for protecting your brand from infringement. A registered trademark is valid for ten years and can be renewed and restored after that period.

The process of renewing a trademark 

involves several steps. Trademark renewal can be registered online or offline with the trademark registry office located in Mumbai, Delhi, Kolkata, Ahmedabad, and Chennai. Before the expiry of the trademark certificate, a period of six months is given to renew it. Failure to renew your trademark will result in its removal from the trademark journal by advertisement.

To renew a trademark, you must file an application form called form TR-R and attach necessary documents such as a registration certificate copy, trademark registration application form copy (TM-A), and the applicant's identity and address proof. If the renewal process is performed by an authorized person, they should submit power of attorney.

The registrar will verify the application and publish the trademark in the official gazette of the trademark journal if there are no objections. If the proposed name receives no objections, the registrar will issue a renewed certificate that is valid for the next ten years.

Renewing your trademark has several benefits 

such as preventing other businesses from using your brand name or logo, improving customer confidence in your organization, protecting your trademark from infringement, and improving goodwill, which attracts investors and shareholders to invest in your company. Additionally, registering and renewing your trademark provides monetary benefits.

In conclusion, trademark renewal is an essential process that should not be ignored. Renewing your trademark helps protect your brand from infringement and provides numerous benefits. It is highly recommended to register and renew your trademark regularly.

FAQs of Trademark Renewal in Lakshadweep

For every organization, there must be a graphical representation of any kind in order to recognize that is your company’s brand. That graphical representation is called a trademark. It should be registered in order to safeguard your logo from others. It is valid for 10 years and it can be renewed and restored.
The topic includes.

While renewing your trademark you have a choice of doing some alteration or changes in your trademark or you can renew it as it is. It is not mandatory that the owner of the business should file for renewal even any authorized person on behalf of the organization can do the process, let’s see how it can be done.

  • For any kind of Registration or renewal, the first step is always filing an application form. In order to renew your trademark, one must file from TR – R either online or offline.
  • Gather all the necessary documents required to attach along with your application form such as,
  • Registration certificate copy.
  • Trademark registration application form copy (TM – A).
  • Applicant's identity and address proof.
  • If the renewal process is performed by any authorized person then he should submit power of attorney.
  • Renewing your Trademark comes with the advantage of not letting other businesses use your brand name or logo as it is legally bound and those people are answerable to the court.
  • As the Trademark is valid for 10 years and renewing it every 10 years will help you to retain and increase more customers' confidence in your organization and makes customers easily identify your brand.
  • Trademark is an intangible asset, and having registered your brand name provides you a chance of entering into new agreements and thus helps in the expansion of business.
  • Registering and regularly renewing your Trademark, helps you to protect it from others who want that possession.
  • It also helps in the improvement of goodwill which interests investors, shareholders to invest in your company.
  • You can also avail some of the monetary benefits by just registering and renewing your trademark.
You should start the process of renewing your trademark at least 6 months before it expires. This will give you plenty of time to gather the necessary information and submit your renewal application.
If you don't renew your trademark, it will expire and you will lose the legal protections that come with a registered trademark. This means that other companies may be able to use your trademark without your permission.
In general, you cannot make major changes to your trademark when you renew it. However, if you have made minor changes to your trademark (such as updating the font or color), you can include these changes in your renewal application.

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