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Addition of Partner

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Expected To Be Complete* : 12 Apr 2023

Including Govt. Fees of Form-3, Form-4, and also Included DSC charges.

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Documents Required

  1. Pan of Partner
  2. Aadhar of partner
  3. Bank Statement 
  4. Din if have 
  5. DSC, if have 
  6. Email id 
  7. Phone NO.
  8. supplimentary Deed


  1. DSC of New partner
  2. DIN of New Partner
  3. Challan of form 3
  4. Challan of form 4
  5. Update Master Data of LLP 


  1. Collection of documents 
  2. Apply for DSC 
  3. Apply for DIN
  4. Online filing of Form 4
  5. Online filing of Form 3

Time Taken

15 days post submission of documents.

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Cost & Process

Cost & Process

Documents Required

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Renewal Process

How To Apply Online

How To Apply Online

Processing & Approval Time

Processing & Approval Time

Formalities & Requirements

Formalities & Requirements


FAQs of Addition of Partner

There are several reasons why a business may consider adding a new partner, including but not limited to: access to additional capital, expertise in a particular area, sharing of workload, or expansion into new markets.
Adding a new partner can have a significant impact on the existing partners. For example, the existing partners may have to share profits and decision-making authority with the new partner. It is important to have clear communication and expectations before bringing on a new partner.
The process of adding a new partner can vary depending on the legal structure of the business. Generally, it involves a formal agreement or contract outlining the terms of the partnership, including ownership percentages, roles and responsibilities, decision-making authority, and profit distribution.

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