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Foreign Subsidiary In India Registration in Chattisgarh

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Expected To Be Complete* : 06 Aug 2024

Inclusive of government fees for Name Approval and authorised capital of INR 1 lakh and digital signature certificate for 2 subscribers.
Note : Above mentioned government fees as per Delhi state , for any state Government fees exceed INR 500 shall be collected extra.


Company Documents

  1. Two Proposed Names of the Company
  2. Objectives of the Proposed Company

Director Documents

  1. PAN Card of all the Subscribers/Directors
  2. Photograph of all the Subscribers/Directors
  3. Aadhar Card of the Subscribers/Directors
  4. Mobile and Email of all the Subscribers/Directors
  5. DL/Voter ID/ passport, anyone documents of all the Subscribers/Directors
  6. Bank statement/ Electricity Bill in the name of the Subscribers/Directors, anyone documents of all the subscribers/directors

Holding Company Documents

  1. Memorandum of Association
  2. Article of Association
  3. Certificate of Incorporation
  4. Pan of the Company

Registered Address Proof

  1. Latest utility bill i.e. electricity, landline, water bill, etc.
  2. For a rented place,  a rent agreement is required in the name of the proposed company


  1. Certificate of Incorporation
  2. Company name approval  
  3. Director identification numbers (DIN) 
  4. Digital signature token for directors 
  5. Memorandum of association 
  6. Articles of association 
  7. ESI/PF registration
  8. Company PAN card 
  9. Company TAN number  


Step-1 Choose a unique name for your company using  Spice+ Part-A.

Step-2 Apply for DSC for subscribers.

Step-3 Drafting of DIR-2 & other documents.

Step-4 Online preparation of Spice+ PartB , eMOA, eAOA & AGILEPRO.

Step-5 Online filing of Spice+ Part B, eMOA, eAOA & AGILEPRO.

Step-6 Get a certificate of incorporation, PAN & TAN of your company.


20-30 Working days of post-submission of documents

Foreign Subsidiary Company Registration

A foreign subsidiary company is any company, where 50% or more of its equity shares are owned by a company that is incorporated in another foreign nation. The said foreign company is called the holding company or the parent company. For example, A company incorporated in the USA (Parent company) is executing the same business operation through a subsidiary company in India.

Advantages of a Foreign Subsidiary Company

  1. Access to New Markets for Your Products and Services
  2. Expanding Brand Recognition
  3. Parent Company Can Share Its Resources.
  4. Control over the new company’s business activities.
  5. Limited liability for the holding company
  6. Resale potential if things don’t go according to plan
  7. Foreign Direct Investment (FDI) opportunities

Foreign Subsidiary Company Registration Process in India

The process of registration of a Foreign Subsidiary company is very simple and completely online. The person desiring to register his company can get his company registered through the Ministry of Corporate Affairs portal. That is www.mca.gov.in. A company is needed to be registered with the registrar of companies (ROC). ROC keeps all the records regarding all the companies in India.

How to register an Online Foreign Subsidiary Company in India

There are certain requirements for registering a company. These are:

  1. Digital signatures or DSC of all the subscribers and DIN of the person desiring to be the director of the company. All the forms which are filed on the MCA portal require the Digital signatures of the signatories
  2. After getting the DSC the form Spice+ is filled on the portal with the required documents as attachments.

Required Documents for Registration of Foreign Subsidiary Company

Holding Company Documents
  • 1. Memorandum of Association
  • 2. Articles of Association
  • 3. Certificate of Incorporation
  • 4. PAN of the company
  • Director Documents
  • Aadhar Card of all the Directors/Subscribers
  • Pan Card of all the Directors/Subscribers
  • DL/Voter ID/ passport, anyone document of all the Directors/ Subscriber
  • Bank statement/ Electricity Bill of all the Directors/Subscribers
  • Proof of Registered address
  • 1. Latest utility bill for proof of Company address
  • 2. A rent agreement is required for a rented place
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    FAQs of Foreign Subsidiary In India Registration in Chattisgarh

    For a company to be a foreign subsidiary company in India, the company itself must be incorporated in India. It does not matter which country the parent company is incorporated in. Compliances are based on many aspects of the company.

    Foreign companies are liable to pay cooperative tax under the Income Tax Act.

    Any foreign company can set up its business in India by filing eForm FC-1 (Information to be filed by a foreign company).

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