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Change of Registered Office Address

2500 3500

Above prices are included government fee which is zero.

Address change including changes within the local limits, it includes govt fees and out of pocket expenses of INC-22.
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  • Amended MOA.

  • Updated master data from MCA Portal (Indicating changes in Registered Office).

  • Form INC-22




Change in address of the Registered office

The Registered office is the principal place where the operation, communication, and all other transactions of business take place.It is important to provide the correct address of the company while incorporation as it is the main place where the functioning of business takes place.

Can we change the registered address of the company?

YES. It is possible to change the registered address of the company.

Types of changes in the registered address of the company?

If the company wants to expand or locate in another city or state it can easily change its address by providing intimation to the registrar of companies. There are some ways types of change of address can be made such as,

  • The changes in registered address can be made within the same city by arranging a board meeting with passing resolution and by filing form INC 22 within 30 days of passing resolution. Then it should submit utility bills such as electricity bills or water bills and NOC of the property.
  • The company can also change its registered address with different ROC within the same state by applying for form INC – 23 along with applying for approval of the regional director and file with ROC within 60 days after the approval of the director and you will receive confirmation about the change in your address.
  • Sometimes certain states contain 2 registrars, when you apply for a change in the registered address of the company the registrar will also change and it contains the certain procedure to be followed.
  • The shift of registered addresses from one state to another can be made and the procedure is different compared to others.

So these are the 4 types of changes in the address that can be made

Process to change the registered address of the company

In order to change its registered address, the company must send a notice of a general meeting to its members regarding change of registered address and should pass a special resolution and file INC – 22 and MGT – 14 along with prescribed documents such as,

  • If the company itself owns the place, then you are required to provide a conveyance deed to the ROC.
  • If the property is rented, then the lease or rental agreement must be submitted and rental receipts which are not less than 1 month.
  • If the place belongs to the director or any other of the company, then the company should obtain NOC from the person and submit the same.
  • Utility bills of the company which is not less than 2 months old must be submitted with the application form such as water bill, electricity bill, telephone bill, gas bill.
  • After attaching these documents with the application form, the company should submit a resolution passed in the board meeting regarding the change in address should also be attached.
  • After the documents required are submitted along with prescribed fees with the Registrar of Companies (ROC), they will verify and make changes regarding the registered address. 
  • On receiving new address acceptance, it is required by the company to make changes in PAN, TAN, bank account of the company and also update certain changes in the MOA of the company.
  • The changes in address can be made in the same city or from one city to another.
  • Generally, the ROC takes a minimum of 2 to 4 working days to process the application form.

So this is the process on how to change the registered address of the company.

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